Conte OK Kai wins – hopes ‘Richar’ is not heavy

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte is please with the win despite the hard work at the end of the game. And mentioning the injury of Richarlison in the latest match

Spurs opened the home game to defeat the remaining 10-man Eintracht Frankfurt with a score of 3-2 in the Champions League Group D on Wednesday, with Spurs currently in the lead. The herd has 7 points after 4 matches ufabet.

Conte “We score good goals we are patient. That have to try to deal with the situation. We have to stay in the game say the Italian coach.

“We start in a difficult direction conceding the first goal.  They have to try to beat Sporting Lisbon and get to the next round.

“We have to concentrate until the end. It would be a disaster if we got a draw in a game like this.

“We work a lot during the week. To have a good coordination between our strikers, today they (Son Heung-min and Harry Kane) showed a great connection, Richarlison played well, he has. knee problems Hopefully it doesn’t hurt or affect Saturday’s game against Everton, we should probably have Kulusevski back in that match. He is an important choice for us. he is useful

“Go one game at a time, the next game is Everton. They didn’t start very well but they play good football. They are a good team with a good manager, tomorrow (Thursday) we will rest and prepare for the game on Friday.”