Garcia again, Barca’s voice is really missed

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Barcelona defender Eric Garcia agrees with Xavi Hernandez, saying the team made too many mistakes.

Azulgrana opened the home to a 3-3 draw with Inter Milan in the Champions League Group C on Wednesday, with Barca currently only four points from four games, three points behind Inter. From Spain must win the rest of the games and let the opponent miss.

After the game, Garcia stated that his team made many mistakes. If it happens in the Champions League, the result will be the same as what happened in the last match ufabet.

“Tonight we are responsible for the mistakes we made. At this level, you can’t make mistakes,” said the Spaniard.

“We have the game we want to go, press high, take the ball from them. Our requirement was to keep doing this but in the second half we didn’t control many things. things to come out good When we played risk-taking with three defenders, we attacked us in 15 minutes.”

While this is not necessarily news that the same style is being pursue, in itself, it shows that behind the scenes Xavi is at least reminding Garcia of the other two.

Equally there are many more factors that will determine the success of Xavi, style aside. Unlike Guardiola and Luis Enrique, Xavi will have to find a way of winning without Lionel Messi.